Sunday, July 8, 2007

"MSM" discovers the India Wargamers

Today's edition of' The Economic Times contains an article about India Wargamers, which, among other things, describes us as "battling all odds" :) :) Three of our players, Ravi Mohan, Mridul Jain and yours truly have been (mis)quoted in the article. Fame, here we come!!!


James said...

That was very interesting...the tone of the article was quite sympathetic, better than we wargamers usually get over here!
How did they find out about IW? Did you contact them first?


Manoj Govindan said...

James, the article may be sympathetic but I have to say that it fails short of some common standards.

The reporter found about the club/hobby through Ravi's site (or so I think) and approached him for more information about the write up. We then supplied him with links to resources on the web so that he could get an idea about the hobby.