Sunday, July 8, 2007

"MSM" discovers the India Wargamers

Today's edition of' The Economic Times contains an article about India Wargamers, which, among other things, describes us as "battling all odds" :) :) Three of our players, Ravi Mohan, Mridul Jain and yours truly have been (mis)quoted in the article. Fame, here we come!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Volley Fire in Piquet/Band of Brothers II

I have been going through BoBII rules in detail as part of the "specialization" program. According to BoBII some bow armed units may opt to fire overhead. This is called 'Volley Fire' and can be undertaken by any unit designated with 'VF' capability in the army listing. Volley fire dramatically increases the long range band from 6-12" to 6-24" but reduces the fire modifiers.

I was not sure if a unit could switch between volley fire and "normal" direct fire during the course of a game. For instance, consider this example:

An unit of English Retinue Longbowmen (Hundred Years' War) in Chevron formation declare and conduct VF at (extended) long range when a missile reload card appears. The unit then reloads using this card. When the next card appears in the same turn, they opt to conduct direct fire instead.

Is this scenario valid under the rules?

Here is Peter's answer:

Certainly. The operative term is "may", not "must". Volley fire is high angle fire used to increase the range of he archery at the cost of a decrease in penetrating power.

Online Army Generator for Piquet/Band of Brothers II Edition

Peter 'Gonsalvo' Anderson's Piquet/Band Of Brothers II Edition rules are noteworthy for several reasons. Besides significantly revising and refining the original rules for Renaissance warfare, BoBII also offers 'Beat the Drum', an easy-to-use mechanism to generate armies.

BTD addresses one of the rather tedious aspects of Piquet - namely, its army selection mechanism. BTD offers a variety of different ways to select your forces for a given battle. BTD makes uses of the greatly expanded army listings included in BoBII under fourteen different "Campaign Musters." Using BTD, you can select an army in about 30 minutes, as compared to a couple of hours or so before.

We really liked BoBII and BTD. So much so, that we decided to make it a little more easier by automating the army selection procedure and making it available as an online application. You can read more about the application and Beat the Drum here.